Condominium Unit Owner’s Coverage

Condominium Insurance

If you own a condominium, don’t just rely on the insurance of your condo association’s master policy. Instead consider condominium unit owners coverage. Your condominium unit owner policy bridges the gap between your condo association’s policy and your personal liability and property protection.

The condo association’s policy covers the physical building you reside in and will also cover shared property like a pool. However, it is up to you to cover your own property and liability.

Your condominium unit owner’s policy can cover you for your personal property in the unit, real property items in your unit, such as cabinets, counter tops, and plumbing fixtures. Your individual policy will also most likely have a lower deductible than the master policy.

The policy can provide protection from

  • Fire,
  • Lightning,
  • Windstorms,
  • Hail,
  • Explosion,
  • Collapse,
  • Smoke, and
  • Vandalism.

Your condominium unit owner’s insurance can also provide you liability protection if you are sued by someone who sustains an injury on your property. You may also tailor your policy to cover a specified amount of personal property to protect it from damage and theft.

No matter what type of insurance you are shopping for, it is important to know exactly what your policy covers. Jordan Insurance Agency’s agents will help make sure you get the right amount of coverage for your condominium. We work for you, not the insurance agency, so we will find you the right amount of coverage for the right price.

To learn more about your condominium unit insurance options, contact our Weymouth, Massachusetts based agents at Jordan Insurance Agency. Put our 60 years of expertise and experience to use to make sure you have the right coverage for your situation. Give us a call today at 781-337-0427, fill out the form to the right, or visit us at 17 Front Street in Weymouth if you want to talk about your condominium unit insurance needs.