Vacant and Unoccupied Dwelling Insurance

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Did you know that if you are vacant from a dwelling for 30 to 60 days your insurer may reserve the right to cancel your policy? Or that if you are away for an extended period, your current home insurance may not cover damages to your property? Even vacation homes that are unoccupied for weeks at a time may need special coverage.

Your insurer’s definition of a “vacant” home might not be what you expect. Make sure you know exactly what that definition is so you know when your insurer can choose to cancel your policy and if you need more coverage.

If your home is left unoccupied for extended periods of time, it is important to ask your Jordan Insurance Agent about vacant and unoccupied dwelling insurance. You may think your property is secure, but issues you need to think about range from theft to simple maintenance issues that can go unnoticed longer without anyone living in the home. A small leak can turn into a big one, causing you problems that may not be covered under your standard home insurance.

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