Auto Insurance FAQs

What coverages am I required to carry for auto insurance?

According to Massachusetts State Law you are required to carry liability coverage. On the auto policy these coverages would be parts 1,2,3,4,5 &12. If you have a loan on your vehicle the bank will require that you carry full Collision & Comprehensive coverage as well.

What Information do I need if I am involved in an accident?

If you are involved in an accident it is very important to obtain the other parties information who is also involved in an accident. The information you need to obtain is the other person’s registration/license plate number and their drivers license. If the other person is not forth coming with this information we recommend contact the police so they can obtain the information for you and write a report which will be helpful in the claims process.

My auto policy is in cancellation what do I do?

If your auto policy is in cancellation the company will issue a cancellation notice to you with a date that payment must be received by. If payment is received after this date the company has the right to keep the policy cancelled and not offer reinstatement. If your policy does cancel for non-payment per Massachusetts Law you will be required to pay the new auto policy premium in full.


Example: Policy cancellation date of 5/4/2015. This cancellation goes into effect at 12:01 am on 5/4/2015 so your payment must be made before midnight on 5/3/2015. If you try to make payment the morning of 5/4/2015 to our office it has already been cancelled and may not be reinstated

How can I change coverage on my Auto Policy?

If you are looking to add additional coverage to your auto policy you can contact the office via telephone or email and request coverage be added by your customer service representative. If you wish to remove coverage our office will need something in writing giving your permission to remove the coverage. No coverage change is official until you receive confirmation from your customer service representative.

How can I save money on my insurance policies?

With the cost of insurance rising the carriers are constantly adding new discounts. A key way to save money on your insurance premiums is to package both your home & auto policy with the same carrier. Some carriers offer group discounts for different group affiliations. This information can be provided by your customer service representative.

What is Accident Forgiveness?

Most carriers now offer an accident forgiveness endorsement which will allow for you not be penalized for your 1st at fault accident in the past 6 years. If you have an accident and have this coverage you will not pay the surcharge on your policy as long as you stay with the same carrier. The surcharge will be in the registry of motor vehicles on your driving record so if you change carriers then you would be subject to the surcharge.